1. The qualitative mindset

    June Marketing MSM - an independent research agency created in 1986 - has progressively built its expertise on qualitative research. We are proud of our qualitative craftsmanship, nourished by a passion for human interaction and for the interpretation of attitudes and behaviours.

  2. Hybrid research methods

    As a full-service agency we strive to accompany you the best possible way by proposing a wide range of methods that we continuously challenge and improve. We love developing innovative research designs, combining qual, quant, off-line and online, ethnography, semiotics, eye-tracking, etc., with the sole objective of getting the most out of your research.

  3. June Marketing MSM

    Wherever in the world, whether on a single market or for multi-country projects, we can accompany you and run your international research, with the same 'boutique agency' spirit; together with you we will give an additional dimension to your international projects.

  4. Your partner in strategic thinking

    June Marketing MSM has a vocation to provide strategic guidance in marketing issues, and cultivates a realistic, operational mindset, acting as a driving force for new ideas. We always engage in producing clear and stimulating recommendations... because at the end of the day, good research - the sort of research people remember - is research that really pushes the envelope.

  5. Looking For An Glocal Agency?

    June Marketing MSM will be Your Glocal Eye!
    Our experience in Europe and Asia makes us confident about our way of working and understanding! We know how to work simultaneously in different languages, cultures, habits... using tailor-made methodologies

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